Nothing is impossible. Inblick 2021:v32 Ingenting är omöjligt.

My husband Peter and I are different. What a revelation! Why else would God bring us together so that we can complement one another? Man and woman, as we are. One evening we discovered a letter from our bank SEB about money laundering.

This probably meant that we had to fill out a form and that’s my thing to take care of. I therefore told Peter that I would do it the next day. I don’t want to talk about that in the evening in my free time. If something comes up, I put it on the “to-do list”. It can be a bad thing, if it is urgent. But in his case, taking things directly is not good either, as you let things control your life. As I said, we are different. I get stressed when he tries to push through his will to get it done right away. He, on the other hand, gets stressed that he is not allowed to talk about it at all. I answered him mildly three times “I will do it tomorrow”, but he kept pressing, and in the end my voice became unpleasant. We both went out into the flesh and it became an argument, which degenerated and he left. I felt terrible as a person, while at the same time I thought he was terrible as a person. He accused me of having a harsh voice and of talking to me many times about it. It seemed like an impossible situation, as I’m not perfect. I cannot promise that I will never have a hard voice again. When he came home, we finally sorted everything out late in the evening. We asked each other for forgiveness and forgave each other. So then I thought I would do this with the SEB already in the evening. It seemed that he, as a signatory, could go online and sign. When he went in, it did not turn out to be true. It was a form, which was to be filled in online and then signed. So it became too much for me. So I said again, “We’ll do it tomorrow.” He continued anyway and in the end it was discovered that we already answered SEB in March. So the question was whether it was SEB asking or someone pretending to be SEB? Who did we send the information to? Or have it not arrived? Peter could not let go, but it turned out that you could not call them until 10 am the next morning…

Peter then went to bed first. I stayed up and started crying. I felt that everything was impossible. I have my limits and he has his. I cried and felt that everything is impossible. There is no solution. We are so different and I do not understand how to solve this? It’s not possible! Either I have to go over my limits or he has to go over his limits. So I cried and cried, but eventually went to bed. When we woke up, Peter discovered that we had received the Bible verse Luke 18:27 the day before, but missed it. “What is impossible for man is possible for God.” When I read the Bible in the morning, the Holy Ghost also reminded me that through the Spirit we can stifle the impulses of the flesh, as we read in Romans 8 some days before. I had then explained to Peter what God had shown me. So I had to see that I became impatient and in that destress and deal with the feeling by commanding it. Then ask God to act in my will and in my doing, so that His good will can be done and replace the thought “it is impossible”. By then my impatience would have subsided and I entered into meekness and self-control. Just as Peter needs to get into self-control and trust in God. Trust in God, that God will take care of this and then self-control. So the solution is simply to “walk in the Spirit”. We had read it and I had explained it, but then it comes to living it out. So the solution was there all the time. Nothing is impossible for God! Thank you Jesus!

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