Pot calling the cettle black. INBLICK v.23. Kasta inte sten i glashus.

We are all different as human beings and have our own little bubbles as worlds and are gifted in different ways. Here I want to highlight two episodes from my own life that clearly describe this. These two events took place during a stay on Gotland “we have stones in Africa too” and during a holiday in Iceland “there is snow in Sweden too”.

My husband Peter and I love the island of Gotland and have therefore spent a lot of time there during our vacations. One of these occasions was a summer when we rented a cottage on Southern Gotland for a week. We invited our friends Chris and Anne with their newborn baby for half the week. Anne carried the sweet baby in a harness on her stomach. We ourselves had our teenage daughter Saga with us. They were so blessed that we invited them when having a screaming child, or kid in the family, for the moment. We were delighted to be able to invite them to one of our dear strawberry spots. We told them they could do whatever they wanted with their time. Either hang out with us or do their own thing or a combination of both. They chose to spend all of their time with us. To the extent that they actually hung out on a trip of 15 km across the island and the ferry over to Fårö and finally the final stretch to take part in the exotic Gotland rauks. I asked worriedly if they really wanted to go with us. Just considering the baby and spending a sunny summer day so far in the car. But they were convinced that this would be a wonderful day together. But of course it was a hardship for them to drive almost three hours with their little baby. It then became an interesting resolution to the story when Chris refused to step out of their car. Finally, Anne herself came from the parking lot with the baby on her stomach and explained. Chris was upset and did not want to see the Raukarna but instead exclaimed “we have stones in Africa too”.

I have since told this story to many people in different contexts. I think it’s so funny and interesting. That we humans can react so differently. The Raukarna are stones with history and are very beautiful. I think you can go through some hardships to come to them and partake of their beauty. But Chris from a country in Africa thought it was just any kind of stones. I recall being somewhat upset at his reaction. But I would soon be able to eat my hat when I told the story to a friend in Iceland. Iceland, too, is an island that fascinates me. I visited a girlfriend a long weekend just before Peter and I became a couple. She showed me the splendor of the island such as the gold waterfall and the geysers. We also went a long way to see the glacier. She had not exactly calculated the time correctly and we had neither drinks nor food or any place to buy or eat. It became a real hardship when we exhaustedly arrived at the glacier pee-needy, hungry and thirsty. When she then showed me the glacier I had erupted with the comment “we have snow in Sweden too”. So it turned out that I threw stones at glass houses all the time or being a pot calling the cettle black. My friend, do you also throw stones at glass houses or call the cettle black? Or, as the Bible says, do you remove the beam from your own eye before you help the neighbor remove the speck from their own? Or do you do as I did? Suppose you have no log in your own eyes, except possibly a small tiny speck, while the neighbor has many logs in their eyes?

”Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye?”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:4‬ ‭

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