My uncle. INBLICK v1 2019. Min farbror.

English translation of swedish cronicle (with somewhat more words).

Intact human value

Do you know what the difference is between: a human being and an animal; a human being and an insect; a human being and something that is created by humans? It is that man is created in God’s image and thus has a human value.

That human worth lies in the fact that we are created in God’s image. The value is intact even though we do not get close to what God in His heart had thought for us. God has a wonderful dream for each of us. Most importantly, that we become His children and thus part of His own family.

It does not matter, which origin we have, which people we belong to, which language we speak, whether we are beautiful or ugly, intelligent or unintelligent. Neither if we are empathetic, despicable or not, in sorrow or in joy. As humans, we all have each and everyone a human worth. That human value rests in that we are created in God’s image. Thus we are all equal before God. We have the same opportunity to repent and come back to Him, to become the ones we are created to be.

These thoughts came to me when I looked at a vase that reminds me of my uncle. My uncle who never became what God had thought he would be. He was perhaps a little mentally handicapped, though not much. Sometimes my dad said he had an understanding like a twelve-year-old, but I think it was a little more than that. But he was even a so-called *”a-team person in town” where we grew up. He was also a man who attracted women. He had good looks and therefore always had a woman by his side.

I remember he was my uncle and I was ashamed of him. I was reminded that he once gave me a pair of earrings as a gift. It was probably at the confirmation or my graduation. I felt appreciated through these beautiful pale white pearls. When I was saved later, I received God’s heart for all people. Even for my uncle. On some occasions I tried to plant words about Jesus in his heart. But the shame that he was my uncle and so utterly shameful never left me.

My uncle never became fully what God meant for him. What I know he didn’t even come to faith in Jesus. He simply died still blind to the truth and thus never became part of God’s family. What plans God had for him, I can only speculate. I know, however, that they were high and can not be compared to the life he lived; in alcohol abuse, living in a one room flat with cats, where different women, over the years, passed by. He had a truckers mouth, like some others in this secular world, miles from the heavenly.

Now I have this beautiful vase, at least, that belonged to him. When I jumped on the trampoline one morning I was captivated by the vase and realized that I never cared for his death. When I bounced and beholded the beauty of the vase, I felt that I was so sad, partly because I never bothered to mourn him and partly because what I know, he probably is not in heaven. He is dead. But he was created in God’s image. He had a human value.

In fact, all of us here on earth will decide what we think about Jesus and what He has done for us humans when He died on a cross 2,000 years ago. Depending on our choice, we go to heaven or to hell when we die. Because we are all eternal beings and never cease to exist. Therefore, we should not despise any human being but do what we can to make every person, whatever God has thought. And first of all, have their eyes opened to the truth, which is and is called Jesus.

God forgive me for my contempt for my uncle. Thank you for your love for him. You know where he is now. If he was handicapped mentally, perhaps his evil deeds were done in immaturity and you do not judge him. I know you are just and the wages of sin is death though the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary was enough to extinguish Your holy wrath. But we all have to make our own decision, to follow You. Thank you Jesus for an everlasting goodness that is completely fair. Even for my dear late uncle.

*openly alcoholic on a park bench in town

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